3 Days in Tinos: Travel Guide & Best Things to Do in Tinos, Greece (2024)

Are you planning to visit Tinos and are searching for the ultimate Tinos travel guide for spending 3 days on this beautiful Greek island? Whether you are looking for the best things to do in Tinos, the must-visit places, or off-the-beaten-path gems, our travel guide is your passport to an incredible 3-day stay in Tinos!

Having explored the Greek island of Tinos during our recent Cyclades island hopping trip, we’re thrilled to share our firsthand encounters. Tinos is a fantastic place to visit if you are into culture, architecture, churches, and flavorful Greek food. Keep reading as we reveal our favorite things to do in Tinos, from visiting the most beautiful villages and the best beaches to experiencing this authentic Greek island through its local culture and traditional cuisine.

3 Days in Tinos Travel Guide

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Tinos Travel Guide – Quick Tips

Dive right into my top picks for hotels, tours, places to visit, insider tips, and more, and make the most of your 3 days in Tinos, Greece. Your journey starts here!

Best Places to Stay | Orion Suites, Aura Villas, Cavos, Under the Sun Cycladic Village, Living Theros Luxury Suites

Best Time to Visit | May, June, September

How to Get Around | Rental Car, Taxi, Bus, Walking

Top Places to Visit | Tinos Town, Pyrgos, Panormos, Volax, Agios Fokas Beach

Insider Tips | Dovecotes in Tarambados, Kardiani, Isternia, Dyo Choria, Falatados

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Best Experiences & Tours | Tinos Winery Tour & Wine Tasting

Keep reading for my complete Tinos travel guide!

How to Get to Tinos, Greece

Since there is no airport in Tinos, the easiest way to reach Tinos is by ferry. You can either catch a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina port in Athens (the ride from Athens to Tinos takes between 2 – 4 hours), or from one of the nearby islands like Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, or Syros if you are already in the Cyclades islands.


Effortlessly plan your ferry trips and island hopping in Greece with Ferryhopper. Get all ferry schedules, including direct and indirect connections between islands, and book your tickets at the lowest prices with no hidden fees. You can also compare schedules, ferry companies, and prices to choose the best route.

I highly recommend booking your ferry tickets in advance if you visit Tinos during the peak season or plan an island hopping trip in the Greek islands.

Planning to explore Athens before visiting Tinos? Check out our Athens Travel Guide for 2 Perfect Days in Athens!

How to get to Tinos: Port in Tinos Town with boats anchored in the water

How to Get Around in Tinos

Once you have arrived at Tinos Port, there are different options to navigate the island. Tinos has a well-connected network of buses, making it easy to explore the main attractions.

For hiking lovers, the island boasts an extensive network of hiking trails (over 150 kilometers) with different thematic routes.

If you prefer more flexibility, renting a car is the most convenient option, allowing you to venture off the beaten path at your own pace. We rented a car for our 3 days in Tinos and think it’s the best way to explore the entire island if you only have a few days. You will also get a free Tinos map from most of the car rental providers.


When booking a rental car online, I personally recommend and always use Discover Cars. They search not only for international car rental companies but also for small, local agencies to find the best deal for you. Plus, there are no hidden costs and they offer free cancellation. I always opt for full coverage because of their comepetitive rates!

Mountain road in Tinos leading to an old windmill

Best Time to Visit Tinos

The best time to visit the island of Tinos is in late spring or early autumn (May or September). This period offers a perfect blend of pleasant weather and fewer crowds, allowing you to explore all the places and cultural sites comfortably.

Summer (June to August), however, is ideal for beach lovers, with warm temperatures and vibrant energy. But keep in mind that the religious festivities during the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in August attract thousands of pilgrims and visitors. So, if you plan to visit Tinos during this time, it’s advisable to book your trip and accommodation well in advance.

Where to Stay in Tinos

Tinos offers various accommodation options to suit every preference. Tinos Town, the island’s bustling hub, boasts a mix of charming boutique hotels and cozy guesthouses. We stayed in Tinos Town and found it to be an excellent choice due to its central location and proximity to amenities. It also serves as a perfect base for exploring the rest of the island.

However, you also cannot go wrong with staying in other places in Tinos, as the island is not very big and everything can be reached by a short drive.

If you crave tranquility, the coastal villages in Tinos offer serene accommodations with stunning sea views. For a touch of authenticity, consider a stay in one of the traditional villages, where you can immerse yourself in local life.

Whether you opt for seaside luxury or a rustic retreat, Tinos provides a range of accommodations to complement your ideal island escape.

I have compiled a list of some of the best hotels and guesthouses in Tinos for you:

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Panormos fishing village with white houses by the sea

Tinos Travel Guide Itinerary Overview

Below, you can find a breakdown of the best things to do in Tinos in 3 days.

Day 1 in Tinos: Tinos Town and Tinos Beaches

  • Discover Tinos Town
  • Admire the impressive Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Evangelistria at Tinos
  • Spend a relaxed afternoon at Agios Fokas Beach
  • Check out more beautiful beaches in Tinos
  • Have a Greek dinner in Tinos Town

Day 2 in Tinos: The Center of Tinos Island

  • Stroll through the village of Dyo Choria
  • Visit the Monastery of Kechrovouni
  • Explore Falatados
  • Stop by Mount Exomvourgo
  • Discover Volax
  • Relax at Kolimpithra Beach
  • Visit the Catholic orders in Loutra
  • See Tinos’ iconic dovecotes in Tarambados

Day 3 in Tinos: The Northeast of Tinos Island

  • Explore Kardiani
  • Get lost in Pyrgos village
  • Walk around Panormos
  • Stop by Ormos Isternion
  • Visit the charming village of Isternia
  • Enjoy sunset drinks with a view

If you only have one day in Tinos:

If you’ve got just one day in Tinos, I recommend following our Day 1 itinerary. Start your day by exploring the heart of Tinos Town and wander through the charming alleys. Don’t miss the iconic Church of Panagia Evangelistria. Then, spend a relaxed afternoon at one of the island’s beautiful beaches near Tinos Town. I recommend Agios Fokas, Agios Sostis, or Agios Ioannis Porto. End your day by savoring local cuisine in a traditional taverna.

If you have 4 or more days in Tinos:

With four or more days in Tinos, explore the picturesque countryside through delightful walking and hiking trails. Tinos offers a myriad of wonderful hiking opportunities.

If you are a wine lover like us, you could also indulge in a winery tour with an exquisite tasting experience. Don’t miss out on this amazing winery tour in Tinos!

Alternatively, consider island hopping to one of the nearby Cyclades islands. Maybe you want to explore the hidden gem of Syros in 2 days or spend 4 days on the charming island of Paros. Another excellent option is to visit Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades.

In the following, you can find our detailed 3-day Tinos itinerary, including the top places to visit and the best things to do in Tinos, Greece.

Complete 3 Days in Tinos Itinerary

View of the mountainside villages in Tinos island

Day 1 in Tinos: Tinos Town and Tinos Beaches

On the first day of our 3-day Tinos itinerary, you will explore Tinos Town, including the most iconic church of the island: the Church of the Virgin Mary. In the afternoon, you will discover Tinos’ best beaches, followed by a Greek dinner in a traditional taverna in Tinos Town.

Discover Tinos Town

Welcome to the heart of Tinos, the charming town known as Chora. Steeped in Cycladic tradition, Tinos Town captivates with its white-washed buildings, labyrinthine alleys, and vibrant atmosphere.

Wander through the cobblestone streets, discover the island’s unique architecture and churches, like the Saint Nicholas Catholic Church, and stumble upon quaint souvenir and gift shops selling religious artifacts.

As you stroll along the port, don’t miss the monument of Elli, a symbol of the island’s naval history dedicated to the Greek naval warship Elli.

Dive into Tinos’ cultural past at the Archaeological Museum and the Foundation of the Tinian Culture, both offering enriching insights into the island’s history.

With its blend of tradition and vibrancy, Tinos Town sets the perfect stage to start the first day of your 3 days in Tinos.

Visit the impressive Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Evangelistria at Tinos

A pilgrimage to the Church of Panagia Evangelistria (also known as Our Lady of Tinos) is a pivotal Tinos experience. The impressive church is located on a hill above Tinos Town.

This sacred site draws visitors from around the world. Its significance is rooted in the vision of Sister Pelagia in 1823: She found a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary after the Virgin Mary herself appeared in her dream showing her the location of the icon. The church became a revered religious pilgrimage destination.

Admire the ornate architecture as you wander around the church. Pilgrims often climb the symbolic Holy Staircase on their knees, seeking blessings. The Church of the Virgin Mary stands as a testament to faith and divine connection.

Visiting the magnificent Church of Panagia Evangelistria is definitely one of the best things to do in Tinos.

Church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos Town

Spend a relaxed afternoon at Agios Fokas Beach

After exploring Chora, it’s time for a leisurely afternoon under the Tinos sun. Nestled on the southeastern coast of Tinos, Agios Fokas Beach is a secluded haven just 3 kilometers from Tinos Town. Easily accessible, it provides a serene retreat without straying too far from the island’s heart. The beach offers everything you need, from golden sands and crystal-clear waters to nearby tourist facilities.

Agios Fokas Beach Tinos

Check out more beautiful beaches in Tinos

If you want to explore more beautiful beaches in proximity to Tinos Town during your 3 days in Tinos, make sure to check out the following beaches:

  • Agios Sostis (around 5 km from Tinos Town)
  • Agios Ioannis Porto (around 6.5 km from Tinos Town)
  • Agios Romanos (around 9 km from Tinos Town)
  • Agios Petros (around 17 km from Tinos Town)

Have a Greek dinner in Tinos Town

Conclude your first day in Tinos with a delicious Greek dinner at one of Tinos’ best restaurants in Chora. Indulge in authentic Tinos food, savoring the culinary delights that showcase the island’s gastronomic richness. Tinos’ restaurants promise a flavorful experience, blending traditional recipes with a touch of Cycladic culinary artistry.

Some must-try dishes in Tinos include: Tinian cheeses (graviera and kopanisti cheeses), louza (cured pork fillet), artichokes (Tinos is celebrated for its artichokes, and you’ll find them in various dishes, from salads to main courses), kakavia (a hearty fisherman’s soup), koulouri (a sweet treat), and Tinian honey.

If you’re in the mood for a swift dinner, just drop by one of the fantastic Greek pita gyros places in Tinos Town. We can recommend the pitas at Έδεσμα restaurant.

As the day transitions into night, experience Tinos’ nightlife, where local tavernas and bars come to life with music. Most bars and lounge cafes are located in Tinos Town and along the port promenade, but you can also find some bars in the neighborhood of Pallada.

Day 2: The Center of Tinos Island

Start your second day on the Greek island Tinos by exploring the charming mountain villages at the island’s center. Many picture-perfect towns in Tinos, like Dyo Choria, Falatados, and Volax await your visit. As you drive through Tinos, soak in breathtaking views of the countryside and the iconic dovecotes scattered across the landscape. In the afternoon, treat yourself to a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast of Tinos: Kolimpithra Beach.

Stroll through the village of Dyo Choria

Nestled in the heart of Tinos, Dyo Choria enchants with its traditional Cycladic charm. This picturesque mountain village beckons with narrow stone-paved alleys, white-washed buildings adorned with vibrant bougainvillea, and a timeless atmosphere.

I absolutely loved strolling through Dyo Choria with its charming houses, postcard-worthy streets, and panoramic viewpoints. It’s the perfect place to get lost and discover hidden corners.

Immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of this mountain gem before continuing to the next stop.

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Visit the Monastery of Kechrovouni

Your next stop is the Monastery of Kechrovouni. The monastery is perched atop the idyllic Kechrovouni mountainside at around 600 meters above sea level. This sacred site, dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, offers both serenity and panoramic views of Tinos. It is one of the largest and most impressive monasteries in Greece.

Monastery of Kechrovouni Tinos

Explore Falatados

The next stop of your Tinos road trip is the mountain village of Falatados. As you wander through its narrow streets, you can admire traditional Cycladic architecture and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance.

Falatados is home to the notable Church of Saint John, a focal point of local religious life. Moreover, Falatados has a Folklore Museum and a Cartoon Museum (The House of Sketch).

Beyond its cultural richness, Falatados offers a gateway to stunning hiking trails that unveil the island’s scenic beauty.

Stop by Mount Exomvourgo

Standing majestically on Tinos, the rugged granite hill of Mount Exomvourgo offers a panoramic spectacle from its 641 meters above sea level. It’s the second largest mountain in Tinos.

Crowned by the remnants of the Venetian fortress of Exomvourgo and a lovely church, this site holds echoes of Tinos’ historical significance. Take some time to explore the castle ruins and the church, and don’t forget to take some photos of the spectacular panoramic views before continuing to the next stop.

Road leading to Mount Exomvourgo

Discover Volax

Volax, a true hidden gem, is one of the oldest villages on the island and enchants with its surreal landscape dominated by massive granite rock formations. This quaint village is famous for its skilled basket weavers, showcasing the island’s artisanal traditions.

Wander through the charming streets and discover the lovely Catholic Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. Keep exploring the village and see a traditional wood oven and a small outdoor theater. To learn more about the village’s rich heritage, stop by the Folklore Museum of Volax.

Volax definitely deserves to be part of every Tinos travel guide and should not be missed during your 3 days in Tinos.

Relax at Kolimpithra Beach

After exploring Tinos’ mountain villages, head to Kolimpithra (or Kolimbithra), which consists of two beautiful bays (one larger beach and one smaller beach). Nestled on the northern side of the island, these organized, sandy beaches welcome you with a beautiful coast and some tourist facilities.

We spent some time at the larger Kolimpithra Beach. It’s a fantastic place to unwind against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea – a perfect retreat after a day of cultural immersion and scenic exploration in the heart of Tinos.

One of the best beaches in Tinos: Kolimpithra Beach

Visit the Catholic orders in Loutra

Embark on a cultural journey as you visit the two Catholic orders in Loutra. Loutra belongs to the oldest villages in Tinos and is known for its monasteries built by Jesuit monks and Ursuline nuns: the Jesuit Monastery and the Holy Convent of the Ursuline order.

The Ursuline convent was one of Greece’s most important girl’s schools. Nowadays, you can visit a folklore museum at the Ursulines Monastery.

Secnic view of Loutra village surrounded by green trees and rugged hills

See Tinos’ iconic dovecotes in Tarambados

Wrap up the second day of your 3 days in Tinos with a visit to Tarambados (or Tarampados), a village renowned for its many well-preserved dovecotes, a must-see on the island.

In fact, there are hundreds of dovecotes scattered across the landscape in Tinos. However, in Tarambados, you will find the best viewpoint for taking some great pictures of these unique structures showcasing Tinos’ heritage.

The dovecotes in Tinos built by the Venetians were not just functional structures for breeding pigeons; they are true works of art, adorned with ornate and well-decorated facades showing intricate geometric patterns and symbols. They were also a symbol of wealth and power.

After the Venetians left, the locals continued their pigeon breeding tradition, ensuring that this form of folk art has persevered through the centuries.

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Day 3: The Northeast of Tinos Island

On the third day of your 3 days in Tinos, you will visit the stunning traditional villages of Kardiani, Pyrgos, and Isternia, as well as the coastal towns of Panormos and Ormos Isternion.

Explore Kardiani

Start the final day of your Tinos adventure by visiting the picturesque village of Kardiani. Perched on the hillsides, Kardiani offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding landscapes.

Explore the village’s charm with its two lovely churches and delve into its rich history at the Folklore Museum. As you wander through its narrow streets, make sure to take some pictures of the beautiful hidden corners of this traditional mountain village.

If you are hungry, you can discover the authentic flavors of Tinos at Kardiani’s two inviting restaurants. We can recommend To Perivoli tis Kardianis. The taverna offers spectacular views from their outdoor terrace.

Get lost in Pyrgos village

Visiting Pyrgos village is an essential experience that should be part of every Tinos itinerary. Known as the “Marble Village” for its rich tradition in marble sculpting, Pyrgos showcases an array of intricately crafted churches and marble-carved masterpieces. In fact, you will stumble upon marble everywhere you go in Pyrgos: from the streets and the houses to the fountains and even the Pyrgos cemetery.

A highlight is the Museum of Giannoulis Chalepas, a renowned Greek sculptor, where you can admire a collection of his timeless works. In the past, the museum used to be his house and workshop. Make sure to also check out the Museum of Marble Crafts to see more of Pyrgos’ artistic legacy.

As you stroll through its quaint streets, you can also discover many souvenir shops, lovely cafes, and a charming main square in Pyrgos. Visiting Pyrgos certainly is one of the best things to do in Tinos, Greece. It belongs to my favorite villages in Tinos.

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Walk around Panormos

Panormos, once a vital port for marble exporters, has transformed into a charming fishing village and a sought-after tourist destination. The harbor of Panormos now features an array of picturesque, colorful fishing boats, creating a postcard-worthy scene.

Panormos is the perfect place to have lunch by the water. Seaside fish taverns serve traditional dishes, offering a taste of authentic Greek cuisine against the scenic backdrop. There’s also a small beach in Panormos with a lovely view of the bay.

If you have time, explore Agia Thalassa Beach on the opposite side of the bay—a serene spot for relaxation. But please be aware that accessing the beach with a standard rental car can be challenging due to the rough road conditions. Simply follow the road until it becomes less favorable for driving, then park your car and cover the remaining distance on foot.

The effort is rewarded with the natural beauty of Agia Thalassa, making it a worthwhile detour during your 3 days in Tinos.

Panormos village by the sea

Stop by Ormos Isternion

If you haven’t dedicated much time to Panormos, be sure to check out Ormos Isternion before making your way to Isternia. Ormos Isternion, the seaport of Isternia, is a coastal settlement renowned for its lovely beach and fish taverns by the sea. Embark on a leisurely stroll through the small village, immersing yourself in the seaside charm of this quaint place, and take some time to relax at the beautiful beach.

Ormos Isternion view of the seaside village from above

Visit the charming village of Isternia

Isternia is a true gem! It’s one of my favorite places in Tinos. Perched on the slopes of a mountain like a balcony, Isternia is an enchanting village in proximity to Kardiani. Its amphitheatrical layout, marble-paved lanes, and gorgeous Cycladic houses create a unique vibe.

I loved wandering around Isternia’s charming streets, where you can discover stunning churches, picturesque corners, a museum reflecting Tinos’ artistic spirit, and cafes and bars with breathtaking views of the sea, Isternia Bay, and Syros. It’s hard not to fall in love with Isternia!

Enjoy sunset drinks with a view

Conclude your Tinos holiday with a magical touch: Indulge in sunset drinks at a restaurant boasting incredible sea views! We had a wonderful sunset dinner at Exo Meria Restaurant in Isternia and can highly recommend dining there. It was the perfect spot to watch the sunset and witness the unparalleled beauty of Tinos island. Definitely a fitting farewell to an unforgettable Tinos trip!

Alternatively, you can check out O Ntinos beach bar located below the village of Kardiani, which also offers a lovely atmosphere for a sunset dinner right by the water.

I hope you enjoyed reading our comprehensive Tinos travel guide. Tinos is not just a destination, it’s a Cycladic gem waiting to be explored! With our Tinos itinerary, you can uncover the best things to do in Tinos in only 3 days, from picturesque villages to beautiful beaches to hidden gems. In my opinion, Tinos should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list!

If island hopping is on your radar, make sure to also check out our travel guides for Syros, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Ios, and Santorini.

FAQ – Tinos Travel Guide

Is Tinos worth visiting?

Absolutely! With its charming villages, cultural richness, and stunning landscapes, Tinos offers a unique Cycladic experience. It is such an underrated Greek island and a true hidden gem!

What is Tinos famous for?

Tinos is famous for its intricate dovecotes, marble craftsmanship, traditional villages, and food. Moreover, Tinos is an important pilgrimage site with the iconic Church of Panagia Evangelistria.

How many days do you need for Tinos?

As our itinerary suggests, three full days are ideal for exploring Tinos and all its attractions. Still, you can extend your visit to Tinos for a more leisurely experience.

Do I need a car on Tinos?

I highly recommend having a rental car in Tinos as it enhances flexibility and accessibility to remote places. We always use Discover Cars to rent a car.

Is Tinos an expensive island?

Tinos caters to varying budgets, offering both affordable and upscale options. In general, Tinos is not as expensive as some other popular Cyclades islands like Santorini or Mykonos.

Is Tinos or Syros better?

The choice depends on your preferences – Tinos for its tranquility, culture and art, nature, and mountain villages; Syros for its beaches, capital town, and the overall atmosphere. Personally, we liked Syros better than Tinos.

Want to explore more of Greece? Check out my other Greece travel guides!

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